maanantai 27. helmikuuta 2012

DAY 58

First monday meeting without Pohto.

DAY 57

At the morning there was nice suprise.

Fore and mambo


DAY 56

Walking to friend with death hangover.

Birthday party drinks.

I am ready for the new party wave!

Bring it on!

DAY 55

Karvainen keräpulla


DAY 54


DAY 52 and 53

DAY 52

Clock is around 7.30 at the morning.

There is light!


DAY 53


The coolest thing.


The best things for little boy

is finding a toy box.

Made a birthday card to friend.

DAY 51


Outside only few minus degrees!

Welcome long walks again <3

DAY 50


sunnuntai 19. helmikuuta 2012

DAY 49

I love you so much it hurts.

DAY 48

At the hospital everybody are at the same line.


My love one is a life again..

And its not the people at this picture..

DAY 47

Happy trash can is happy!

DAY 46

So dark.

Where is the hope?

DAY 45

Valentines day.

Only positive thing this day was my friends.

I can never say how much you mean to me.

This friend is like African sun.

DAY 44

Oras Tynkkynen

Nice place to see friends <3

Hilkka Olkinuora

Tuija Brax

Outi Hannula

Today I went to see discussion about

equal marriage act.

Seeing friends and have lots of more power again.

DAY 43

Grebauksen jälkeen on grabbe.

Ei ees paha.

Silti sunnuntai on hyvä viettää hyvässä seurassa <3

DAY 42

Today it was 112 emergency number day in Finland.

We went to see emergency vehicles to firestation.

Evening I took Maiju

and we went to the pre valentines day party

at oldschool club bunkkeri.

Lovely Kartsi and her Outo band gig <3

So lovely night <3

DAY 41

DAY 40

We go undercover.

Life thats far away from ours.

DAY 39


Hyvä koira Pohto <3


keskiviikko 8. helmikuuta 2012

DAY 38

My sister did bring us candy.
Beware Twilight!

Pohto normally doesn´t eat sugar...
So he eated this one lollipop and rest of the evening was WILD!

Singing xbox lips.

Aunt sings too!

DAY 37

We are all at the flue.
We just sleep and watch tv.
I think it´s ok at this point.

tiistai 7. helmikuuta 2012

DAY 36

The feeling when you wake up and you have bad hangower, you have fever, ugly text message that makes you angry and at your hand someone had texted "MOI".

I think I´m going to addopt him!
How lovely is this?


And ofcourse election day cake!
My son picked the color for the cake.

I did have so many nice people over and so wonderful evening!